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Owner - Producer/Chief Engineer

   Bobby is a dedicated producer, mixing and mastering engineer, and multi-instrumentalist musician whose passion is writing and helping artists of all genres propel the music of their dreams into reality. He is a Professional audio engineer with over 20 years experience in live and studio production. He holds a BFA in Audio Production from International academy of design and technology.


Hal Longview
    Producer/ Engineer


Hal Longview is an up and coming audio engineer based out of middle Tennessee. He was taught and mentored by Bobby Joe Witt and has become a part of XrevelationstudiosX. His list of work includes Dreaded Dale,SYNRR,Hard Look, and James Franchise


Paul BOck
Owner - Administration

   Paul, a Touring veteran, lyricist, and classical pianist, handles all the administrative duties and client contact at xrevelationstudiosx. He brings over 15 years experience in training program development, equipment procurement, and coordination of support elements. With his high level of interpersonal skills and attention to detail honed through service in U.S. Special Forces, Paul keeps the ship that is Xrevelationstudiosx sailing full speed ahead.

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